Goals 2019

At its annual Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session on January 25, 2019, the La Palma City Council discussed a variety of issues and proposed the following goals for 2019.

  1. Negotiate a Master Developer Agreement with Eight88 Hospitality, LLC. (Multiyear Goal)

  2. Investigate new Redevelopment rules and develop a Comprehensive Plan to improve neighborhood shopping areas.

  3. Develop a Concept Plan for the Brookside Apartments complex. (Multiyear Goal from 2017)

  4. Encourage and/or facilitate enhanced architecture design and/or niche shopping areas within current strip mall locations. (Multiyear Goal)

  5. Develop a Business Engagement Plan through the Business Engagement Ad Hoc Committee.

  6. Identify funding and phasing for construction of medians throughout the City. (Multiyear Goal from 2017 – Design Phase completed in 2018)

  7. Review funding options for the Civic Center Replacement Fund to ensure ability to rebuild in 20 years.

  8. Develop a City International Day Signature Event for April 2020 that includes a parade component (without a band competition and with local school participation).

Two long-term goals were also identified, which would exceed $25 million and therefore could take decades to achieve:

  1. Undergrounding of Utilities Citywide

  2. Water Treatment Facilities