RFPs and Bid Results

If you are a consultant or contractor, this is a convenient place to find out about the current bidding and contracting opportunities from the City of La Palma. For a list of Public Works related bidding or contract opportunities, please visit the Public Works Bid & Contract Opportunities webpage.

Notice Inviting Bids

Projects or proposals listed below have been or are currently being advertised for bid. Refer to individual Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for information relating to requisites including, but not limited to, bonds, insurance, special instructions, conditions, forms, and license requirements. Bids/proposals must be submitted per the detailed instructions found within each document. Note that bids/proposals MUST be received at the location specified within the instructions. Only sealed bids/proposals are acceptable; do not fax or e-mail. We recommend, prior to submitting your bid/proposal, to check this webpage for any addendum that may have been issued subsequent to the original document release.

Project/Proposal NameBid DeadlineBid/RFP SpecificationsAttachmentsAddendumBid Results
Copier Machine ReplacementSeptember 14, 2017RFP_Copier Machine Replacement