The City Clerk is the local elections administrator and coordinates with the County of Orange to conduct municipal elections. This includes, but is not limited to the:

  • Preparation of necessary resolutions calling General or Special Municipal Elections
  • Coordination of the candidate nomination process, ballot designation, and statement of qualification
  • Receipt and processing of initiative, referendum, and recall petitions
  • Canvassing and certification of election results

Elections are a complex process, the sheer scale of logistics required in order to ensure a fair and accurate election often bewilders the public. It is a surreal combination of back-breaking work, complex problem solving, fighting deadlines and even unplanned power outages. At a time when the eyes of the world are focused on elections, it’s a timely reminder of just how much is done to protect our precious votes. The Orange County Registrar of Voters created a documentary on the process, "Blueprints for Democracy: How We Vote".

Local Election Information

Local elections for the La Palma City Council are held every two years (in even numbered years). The terms for the City Council’s five at-large seats are staggered. Therefore, all five City Council seats are not up for election during the same election year. If you have a question regarding the nomination or election process please contact the City Clerk at (714) 690-3334.

General Municipal Election - November 2020

The City’s General Municipal Election will be held on November 3, 2020, in consolidation with the Statewide General Election. Locally, there are three seats available on the La Palma City Council.

For more information about locating voting centers, sample ballots materials, and post-election results; visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters website.

Voter Registration

In order to vote in an election, you must be registered to vote.

Voter Registration Forms can be obtained through any of the following means:

  • La Palma City Hall
    7822 Walker St.
    La Palma, CA
    Ph: (714) 690-3300
  • Orange County Registrar of Voters
    1300-C South Grand Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA
    Ph: (714) 567-7600
  • Online from the Secretary of State’s Office